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Automotive Air Conditioning Service

What happens when Courtesy services your vehicle's AC? We will first ask some basic questions, e.g., when did it work last, does it blow hot air, does the fan work, is the compressor making any noise?

We will then attach a machine which will extract any refrigerant from your vehicle that might be in your AC system. We will filter the refrigerant and then store it in a separate tank. We then will create a vacuum in your AC system and attempt to hold it for approximately 20 minutes. This will determine if there is a major leak in the AC system. If the compressor is working properly and there are no major leaks, we will replace your filtered refrigerant into your AC system and add any new refrigerant needed to bring your AC system up to manufacturer's specifications.

At this time, we will electronically check for any escaping refrigerant gas. If none is detected and your AC system is cooling between 45 and 50 degrees, your service is complete.

If your AC system has a recurring problem, we will introduce a dye into your AC system which is very effective at identifying minute compromises in your AC system. We will replace the offending part and recharge your AC system.

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