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San Clemente Auto Repair | Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc.

Welcome to Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc.

Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc is your local San Clemente auto repair and service center. Our technicians will take care of any repair or service from oil changes and tune ups to major repairs!

Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc is a different kind of auto repair shop. Over the past ten years, Courtesy has built a team that delivers the services people want:

* Family Owned

* Same day service

* Scheduled Appointment

* Professional staff

* Honest

* Reasonable

* Written  estimates

* Report to Car-fax 

Why would you want to go to a family owned auto repair business for your auto service? The first answer is that the family owned auto repair business is usually closer to your home and more convenient than the dealership. Additionally, you will be supporting a local family and making their lives better rather than adding to the coffers of the dealership and helping them meet their budget targets. But can the family owned auto repair service provide the same level of technical expertise as the dealership?

Go back to 1975. In 1975, the U.S. Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Act. You may be familiar with some parts of the Act. You call them the Lemon Laws. The Magnuson-Moss Act is much larger than the Lemon Laws, it clarified the relationship between the dealership and the independent auto repair service. The Act discusses dealer parts and after-market auto repair parts. It went even farther to say that the manufacturer will have to honor their warranty on a vehicle serviced by an independent auto repair service who used after-market parts in a repair as long as the manufacturer is not able to prove that the failure was caused by the after-market part. So the family owned auto repair service can use the part which represents the best value for the customer. Remember: "Not all Parts are created equal" 

The Magnuson-Moss act also opened the door for the family-owned auto repair service by placing some controls (plus and minus) on the independent family-owned auto repair service's bi-directional diagnostic computer systems which help us to talk with your car. Courtesy's diagnostic computers will talk to all makes and models of automobile you can think of. We can see what your car's computer can see, no matter who the manufacturer was. The dealer can not do that. They know and link to their brand.

Same  Day Service

Courtesy strives to return cars back to their owners the same say. If, 1) the vehicle is delivered early in the morning, 2) you can give us authorization by 10 or 11 and 3) there are no part problems, we have a 95% chance of returning the vehicle to you the same day. We have no desire to keep your vehicle and you will often see an empty parking lot in front of our shop. 

Scheduled Appointment

All auto repairs are seen by appointment. Every day, we work very hard to keep a tight schedule. Sometimes, people have to move appointments for personal reasons, this will allow us to accept non-scheduled appointments; but, this does not happen frequently. People understand what we are trying to do for them and their vehicle.

Professional Staff

Professional people have training and experience. They have a solid understanding of their area of interest. They demonstrate expertise through results, efficiency and timeliness. Because of their expertise, they are paid a consummate sum for their services. Our technicians are professional. Our newest technician is from Colorado where he worked for a Dealership. He is a solid B technician and he works well with our A technician. Besides the two resident technicians, we use a team of professional experts who specialize in different manufacturer's vehicles. In the office, we have Sandra, Summer and myself. Both Sandra and I have advanced degrees and have held executive positions. Summer will graduate from Saddleback's automotive department in 2019. She will actually have two Associate degrees and several automotive certificates. 


Our motto "Service with Integrity" is more than a motto. In 2008, Courtesy was established to provide a different level of Automotive Service. It has not been easy. Customers do not know as much about their vehicle as they should and they can easily be deceived. We do not deceive, we inform. More than one technician who has worked for Courtesy has said customers "are lucky they came to Courtesy". We have NEVER taken advantage of any customer. We are trying to build the business and provide a service, not make a quick profit. We have had customers who thought they had a problem and had approved the perceived major repair to find out the repair was a fraction of what they had approved. More than one customer has seen the word Free on their invoice because there was no approval for a part. We will not start a job without your approval. 


When you come to Courtesy you will be greeted as a intelligent independent person. You will be asked what is wrong with your vehicle. You will be asked to sign an Estimate which allows us to move your vehicle and stipulates what fees will be charged based on the information we have at the time. You will often be asked if you would like some water or coffee. You will be asked if you want to wait for the results of the evaluation. We will print a Work Order.  One of our technicians will move your vehicle into one of our four bays and begin his evaluation. After the technician finishes his evaluation, he will document his notes, measurements and recommendations on the Work Order. Those notes, measurements and recommendations will be placed in a completed estimate for your review. At this point, we consider you "informed". We will explain what the technician found and what the ramifications are for your vehicle.  This is the time for you to make a decision. Do you like us? Do you want us to do the work? Do you think we can fix your vehicle? Do you want us to do part of the work? These are all your decisions. We inform, you decide, unless it is a safety issue. 

Written Estimates

What is the issue if you don't have one? If you don't have one the price can change. Not only will you receive a written Estimate at Courtesy, it will be numbered and computer generated. 

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