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Alternator Service and Replacement.

How do you know for sure that your alternator needs replacement? We will ask you about the symptoms you have experienced with your vehicle and why you think the alternator needs to be replaced. Then we will check your battery as well as your alternator for proper operation. Sometimes the battery makes the alternator look bad. We will load test the battery and check the diode in your alternator. We will provide you with data on which you can make an intelligent decision. We believe that auto repairs are the customer’s decision, not ours.

Once the decision has been made to replace the alternator, we will call 2-3 suppliers (we have seven to choose from) looking for the best value from a supplier (this keeps the suppliers honest), add our fixed margin, multiply the factory published standard labor time times our labor rate of $88.42 per hour and add that to the part price. We will add the amount the State wants and that will be your price. It is a simple formula and that is the way we like it. Our customers seem to like that too.

Some repair shops also consider what you are driving, how you are dressed and if you are male or female. None of these elements weigh on Courtesy’s price. If it is a BMW or a Camry, it is the same simple formula.

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