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Nicole G. See all reviews
Courtesy Automotive was great. My starter died at 12:30pm. I called them at 1pm and they said they could fit me in. AAA dropped me off at about 1:20pm with my vehicle. They confirmed the diagnosis, ordered the part and I was back on the road at 3:45pm! They were friendly, efficient and very reasonably priced!
Moore Patrick See all reviews
What a great experience! I had to have my front windshield replaced due to a golf ball accident, and after asking around and looking at reviews I settled on Courtesy Automotive. I called and Spoke with Sandy. She was extremely nice and helpful. She got my car right in. I only live a few blocks from their shop, so i left my car and picked it up later. It looks great! Sandy and the technician are a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend you speak to them for all your automotive needs.
Tom Prince See all reviews
Great service honest and reliable.
Victor Holguin See all reviews
This is a great family business. They replaced the windshield on my Toyota at a very reasonable price and within hours of service. I will be bringing in my other car in soon for service. It is nice to a honest car repair place right in south San Clemente.
Laura Capolino See all reviews
Always great service, actually were able to get it in & done ahead of schedule. Thanks!
Jerrold-Jones Debra See all reviews
The only place that I use for all my vehicles. Good people.
Long Martin See all reviews
I have been taking my Ford F150 Trucks to Courtesy Auto since 2008 - nine years. Even though I have moved from San Clemente to Trabuco Canyon, I still trust and rely on Courtesy for the friendliest customer service and the best, most honest business practices and work I have ever encountered. May 31, 2017.
Whitt Rachel See all reviews
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Brake Service and Repair

Does your vehicle vibrate as you are stopping? Does it make a screeching sound as you stop? Do you have no pedal resistance? Is your parking brake useless? We can help.

We can solve all of these problems and more for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles. All at the same, every day price.

We can machine rotors, replace rotors, replace calipers, replace brake pads, clean pad guides, lubricate guides, repair parking brakes, convert brake systems and flush brake fluid with ASE certified technicians.

We will give you the option of economy, premium and/or dealer parts. We will explain the differences and let you make your decision as to which parts will go on your car.  Courtesy recognizes itself as being in a “service” business and each employee acts accordingly. No “up-selling” and no “pressure selling”. We are here for you.

We do not advertise some absurd price which does not include labor as others do. We have a very straight forward pricing approach for all services including brake service.

If you bring your vehicle to Courtesy, we will ask why you think you need brakes. We will test drive your vehicle and then put it on a lift so we can remove all four wheels to inspect your vehicle’s brakes. (Counter to popular belief, no Courtesy technician can see through metal.) For this inspection we will charge $20.00. We have on several occasions stopped our services at this point because the customer did not need brakes. However, if brakes are required, we will call 2-3 suppliers (we have seven to choose from) looking for the best value from a supplier (this keeps the suppliers honest), add our fixed margin, multiply the factory published standard labor time times our labor rate of $88.42 per hour and add that to the part price. We will add the amount the State wants and that will be your price. It is a simple formula and that is the way we like it. Our customer’s seem to like that too.

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