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Emission Systems

Has your vehicle failed SMOG? We can help. Even though we are not a SMOG shop, we have helped many customers return to the SMOG shop and experience success. With our ASE certified technicians, the latest bi-directional analyzers and a five gas analyzer we provide an unusual team to help your vehicle to conform to the State’s requirements. Additionally, one of our technicians is a State certified SMOG technician who fully understands your test results and can interpret them for you.

Or do you have an illuminated “check engine light” which tells you you have a small evaporative leak?

(If it is a large evaporative leak, you should check your gas cap to make sure it is on tightly before you see a repair shop.)

Today’s cars are a maze of plastic and rubber connections and anyone of those hundreds of parts could be the problem. Everything from the gas tank to the engine is suspect. How do you minimize the time required to find the leak and turn off the light?

Courtesy uses qualified technicians with five plus years of experience who have searched for these leaks with one small advantage…a smoke machine. This machine introduces a sensuous flow of smoke from your gas tank through vacuum lines to your emission canister to your intake manifold and it explores every potential connection along with any cracked plastic or rubber fittings.

Within an hour, we can usually find your problem and make you a happy driver. The charge for this service is just under $100.00.