Hi! My name is Rick Lapham. I am the founder of Courtesy and I live in San Clemente. You and I have a wonderful city to live in.

Rick Lapham | Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc.
That's Me

I founded Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc in November of 2008 at the beginning of what has been called one of the worst economic business cycles since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Needless to say it has been very difficult to weather this economy with a new business; however, we have survived and survived well. We have always serviced vehicles according to our philosophy which is to treat the customer honestly and fairly. If they bring their vehicle in in the morning and we can have approval before noon, there is a 90% chance their vehicle will be back in its garage by night.

We have loosely paraphrased this philosophy in our motto “Service with Integrity”.

In 2010, we purchased a mascot named Mocha. He is an English Labrador Retriever and at that time he weighed about 10 pounds. He was cute and, thankfully, did little harm.

Mocha the Mascot at 4 Months | Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc.
Mocha at 4 Months

I am proud to say, just as Mocha has grown and matured, so has Courtesy. I know when a customer brings their car into our shop, they will be treated fairly, professionally and their vehicle will be fixed and back in its garage that night.

We are recognized by several suppliers as their best customer. We are loved on YELP. We are a Certified shop. And we are here to serve you.

Mocha the Mascot at 2.5 Years | Courtesy Automotive Services, Inc.
Mocha at 2.5 years

Come in and see us. And to borrow a phrase: “I know you will be pleased.”