Awesome! I get to be the first person to review! Fabulous!!!! So I had a friend back in LA that work in the service dept of a Volkswagen dealership. He would hook me up with discounted parts and super cheap labor. I took my car to him for EVERYTHING!! He left LA and I moved to OC. I noticed my check engine light came on and was panicked! Where do I go? Who do I trust? I am a chick and some judge me and think I am idiot and would pay thing and over charge me? What to do? So my hun bun called around and got Summer on the phone here. He said she was so nice and really liked the way they do business. He said they shop around for the lowest price on new parts, only charge 85 bucks an hour on labor, and quote labor based on what the estimate/average is on getting the job done. There is some guide out there that states labor times and such. I have no idea what it is. So I took his advice after calling another place with great reviews, but labor cost 98 an hour. And Summer greeted me with a smile. As my car was getting a free diagnostic test, we chatted and laughed and I learned so much about their company and how they operate. I even heard her calling several companies getting quotes for her clients. When she would call the clients, she would say, "this is the price for the part, this is the price for the labor." AMAZING! So clear! No guessing where you money went. Well, after my diagnostic test it was unclear why my Volkswagen Jetta was acting crazy and it had a bunch of old codes, so they cleared it out and said drive it around and if the light comes back on let us know. WHAT? They are letting me drive away with my car for free and didn't find 1200 dollars worth of crap wrong with it? AWESOME!! But, when they started my car again, the light came on and they ran the tests again with new codes. Get this folks...after a day of having my car here, it was fixed to perfection for only 210 bucks! I have a Volkswagen! This is amazing. I feel like I have my friend back. Thank you Courtesy! You are my new mechanic friend I don't want to live with out!